Inte mjölk i Froosh Ananas, banan och kokos

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Frosh Ananas, banan och kokos innehåller inte mjölk längre

Uppdatering, 2012-01-12

Frosh Ananas, banan och kokos innehåller inte mjölkprotein längre. Det står inte på paketet och när jag drack den fick jag ingen större reaktion av den längre. Smaken hade också ändrats för den smakar mindre kokos än tidigare, och enligt Frooshs VD skall alltså inte mjölk användas i tillverkningsprocessen av kokosen längre.


Mjölkvarning: Frosh Ananas, banan och kokos

I Froosh Ananas, banan och kokos finns det mjölkprotein tillsvidare men de kommer att ta bort det i framtiden.

Vid kontakt med Froosh svarade deras VD att de företag som tar ut kokoskött ifrån kokosnöten använder mjölk för att få kokosköttet att lossna ifrån kokosnöten. Froosh VD tyckte inte om att de var tvungna att ha mjölk i deras smoothie så de har letat efter företag som inte använder mjölk för att få ut kokosköttet och Froosh har hittat ett företag som gör det utan mjölk. I framtiden kommer Froosh att sälja sin smoothie utan mjölkprotein i.

Mejl till Froosh

jag undrar varför ni har mjölkprotein i er smoothie när ni påstår att ni inte tillsätter något mer än frukt i era smoothies?
Jag har mjölkallergi och köpte er smoothie för att jag trodde att ni bara hade frukt i……..

Mvh Lise-Lotte

Svar ifrån Brendan Harris, Chairman & CEO, Froosh Group, Danmark

Hi Lise-Lotte

I’m the managing director of froosh – thanks for your mail and for your question about milk protein in our Pineapple-banana-coconut (PBC) flavour.

First I want to reasure you that we don’t add anything to our smoothies – they really are 100% fruit, as it says on the label. But we have a special problem with coconut as an ingredient because nature designed the coconut pretty well and it’s really hard to get the coconut flesh off the shell (as you probably know if you have tried to do it at home).

Some time ago a bright spark discovered though that you can soak the coconut flesh in milk and it lifts off the shell easily. It then separates away from the milk leaving a coconut cream that can be scooped off and used in recipes like ours. That’s how almost all coconut powder and cream is extracted today around the world. The coconut cream doesn’t contain milk of course but because milk has been used in the process of extracting the coconut cream we have to declare it on the label under the food labelling laws. But if there is any trace element of milk protein in there it is so small that it would be like pouring a glass of wine into a swimming pool and testing it for its alcohol content.

That’s why we have never had any problem with milk allergies in the two years or so that we’ve been selling froosh PBC. It’s really popular, we’ve sold over a million bottles and it has never caused a problem either with lactose intolerant or with milk allergic consumers.

But actually I have some good news: we were not happy about having to put that warning on our label so we’ve been scouring the world looking for a really high quality producer of coconut cream who doesn’t use milk in the processing. There aren’t many. We have really strict standards and we have to be careful who we buy from so as not to compromise quality – we hold Scandinavia’s most prestigious food award at the moment for best fruit smoothie and we’re very proud of that. But we have found one and we switched to the new recipe last month. Within a few weeks you’ll see bottles appearing on the shelf that don’t have that warning about milk protein – and I can assure you they taste great, just as good as the old one!

When you get a chance please taste one and if you have time I would love to know what you think.

Don’t hesitate to drop me a line if you have any other questions.

Kind regards


Brendan Harris

Chairman & CEO

Froosh Group


Richard Mortensensvej 69A

2300 Copenhagen



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